Mostly I collect dust. Sorry I had to make that joke, but right now I am trying to talk myself out of housework and I am winning. I tend to be a little of a hoarder, but I am getting better. I have narrowed my collections down to three things. First one is Owls, I love owls. I made that comment one time and the next thing I knew everyone was giving me anything with Owls on it so I have a shitload of them. The second thing I collect is books. I have a kindle but I can’t pass up the smells of actual books and holding them in my hands while reading them. My husband claims if our home ever caught fire it would burn for weeks because of all of the books. Finally the last one I have been collecting for years is shot glasses. I have been collecting them since I was in high school. Before my husband became disabled he was an over the road truck driver for years and he brought me shot glasses home from truck stops in all the states and other places he’s been. Friends of mine who traveled out of the country always brings me shot glasses from the places they go. I have collected well over a hundred over the years. These are the three things I collect. My husband would tell you I have a weird addiction to collecting notebooks and ink pens. What can I say? I like to write.


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