Here is the top five things on my bucket list:

  • Go to Ireland. I have a lot of Irish in my blood according to ancestry DNA tests. However, my love for Ireland started way before that. I have never been and I would love to visit there at least once before I die.
  • Reach my goal weight. It would be nice to be slim once again. I haven’t had a figure since I was sixteen years old.
  • Live a portion of my life without Diabetes. I know this would never be obtainable but it still doesn’t hurt to dream.
  • Write a best selling series. Of course, I have to build up the nerve to send one of my many manuscripts off first. Can’t be published if no one ever gets a chance to see them.
  • Graduate College. Every time I try it seems like life is ready to knock me down. I figure I will get there in time.

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