I am afraid this post is going to show you how boring I really am. That is unless you have already figured it out. My average day starts out with lots of puppy kisses from Milo. Then Holly Sue whines until I move so she can lay in my spot next to her daddy. Then Dirt gets his attention and they all are made to go outside (if they had their way they would stay in bed all day). I get up and take my meds and insulin shots before figuring out what I want for breakfast. I read, play on the computer or my phone. I call my grandmother, then I get dressed. By that time Kevin is stirring (which is usually around lunch time). We eat and then it varies. If we stay at home it’s house work or television and if he goes to his parents I will usually go to mine. No reason for it, he usually stays busy at his and I try to spend as much time as I can with my mom. Then when we get home its all about the dogs and some television before we go to bed.


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