I have thought about this often. I usually don’t play the lottery unless it’s a high jackpot, but it never hurts to dream. I would first make sure my family was taken care of. I would pay off my bills, my parents bills, and my in-law’s bills. I would make sure my grandmother had anything she ever wanted. Then I would invest some of it, but what is most important thing I would do would be give to charitable causes. The main one first would be the Kidney Disease Program in Louisville. When my mom had her fist kidney transplant the insurance company approved the transplant but not the rejection medicine. So until it was worked out their program gave her six months worth of medicine for free. This medicine was worth over a thousand dollars a month. That gesture has always struck a place in my heart. Other ones would be Alzheimer’s research, Diabetes research, St Jude’s, and I would love to start some type of thing locally to help those in need. These are things I would do right off hand, I am sure there is more if I thought more about it for awhile.


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