So I know I have not been blogging as much as I have planned. However, that is about to change. Tomorrow on March 1st I will be participating on a 31-Day Blogging Challenge. Hopefully this will get me more in the habit of blogging and it will also let you know more about me. So I hope you enjoy it.

Now onto Bullet Journaling . This past weekend my cousin came in from Northern Indiana to visit and brought her sister-in-law with her. They are both crafty people. I had been looking at Bullet Journals for a long time trying to decide on how to make one. Well low and behold, they had been doing one for some time now. Showing me different ways to set mine up and sharing a few supplies with me, I started mine and now I am hooked.

How many of you have a Bullet Journal?  I love it because it feels like scrap-booking but I can use it everyday and everything I need is in there. If you want more info on how to do one go to Pinterest and check out all the layouts and ideas and just start one. You will love it.


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