Here is a brand new year and a brand new me!

I tend to look at resolutions as goals for the next year as a whole. Most people I know expect you to keep them from day one. That is not how I see it. I believe you take these resolutions on at your own pace. Just as long as you get to them by December 31st.

I am a thirty-eight year old housewife. I want to change my life before I hit forty. I am tired of looking back on my life as a failure. So here are some things I want to change in the upcoming year and why:

  1. Lose weight: I am so embarrassed that I have gained so much weight since I quit smoking two years ago. I am currently at 320 pounds. I have almost gained the entire amount I had lost five years ago.
  2. Get my diabetes under control: Right now the doctors are beginning to discuss putting an insulin pump in me because my body is resistant to the insulin, but lets face it I need to watch what I eat and start exercising to bring the levels down. My goal is to make sure I don’t get that pump put in!
  3. Stop being lazy: I feel good mentally when I am active and I can handle the pain. I need to set a time for exercise and a time to relax.
  4. Focus on my writing: I have poems and articles published, but I want to edit my current novel and send it off. Plus finish the one I have started.
  5. Blog more: My goals for this blog is one post a week, maybe two if I have the time. They will always be uploaded by Sunday afternoons.
  6. Clean my house and get it organized: I am so fed up living in chaos. I have already started this task because we have to put new floors down in our laundry room and I am embarrassed for my parents (who are putting the floors down) to see it.
  7. Spend more quality time with those I love.
  8. Be less judgmental on myself. Lose the negative self-talk.
  9. Make at least one new friend: (This will be hard for me, because I am not very sociable)
  10. Last but not least: Focus on quit using snus, I quit smoking two years ago but have been semi dependent on Camel snus. I only have one about every other day so hopefully it will be easier than quitting smoking.

These are my resolutions. Follow my upcoming posts, hit me up on Facebook and Twitter. I will be discussing the ups and downs on my journey through 2017. Happy New Year!



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